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The Jewelry Appraisers of Portland offers full service gemological testing and evaluations, while you wait and watch.

We offer appraisals for Insurance Replacement, Estate Tax, Fair Market Value, Liquidation, Equitable and Disputed Separation of Assets purposes and more.

We also provide pre and post purchase consultations. Gain courage and confidence when shopping for your purchase by spending some time with us first. Already made your purchase? You can have the peace of mind knowing an unbiased, independent professional has examined your purchase.

We offer verification services for purchases you might make on-line or though sources you are less comfortable with.

In cases of dispute, we are one of the only totally independent jewelry appraisal laboratory in the Portland area. We do not buy, sell or become involved in transactions. We can provide the documentation you need. As an independent we are not influenced by where the purchase was made. You can be assured the information you get is reliable and unbiased.

We adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. The USPAP standards are ethical guidelines set forth by a Federal agency designed to regulate real property appraisers. As personal property appraisers, we adhere to these guidelines voluntarily.

Honesty, integrity, knowledge and experience are the cornerstone of our success.

Why us?

Quick and Painless / No Muss - No Fuss

We do all of your work in front of you and while you wait. No waiting for paperwork or wondering where your treasured items may be. No giving up your new ring for days or weeks.

GIA Graduate Gemologists with years of jewelry experience want to help you learn about what you have and help you enjoy your jewelry even more.

Free and easy parking all around the building.

OFFICE HOURS by appointment only:

Tuesday thru Friday 10 - 5:00

Saturdays from 11:00am to 5:00pm

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