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I like what I do and it shows in my reviews.  I think you will like your time with me.

Jennifer M.- 5/4/23 - Yelp!

We needed an updated appraisal for my wedding band set and found John via google. It was easy to set up an appointment. He is easily located in an office building in Lake Oswego. The process was straightforward and took about 45-50 minutes for my set. It is helpful to bring any documentation you might have on your pieces. He has been in the business for a while and very knowledgeable. You do not need to send your pieces away, he does the inspection and appraisal right in front of you. He even cleans the pieces for you as well! You get a physical and a digital copy before you leave. I highly recommend him for any of your appraisal/inspections of jewelry.


Jensen P.- 1/8/22 - Yelp!

John was very cordial, professional & knowledgeable. He helped me discover the ring I got at a pawn shop was actually .71 carats and NOT 1 carat like the pawn shop told me. His accuracy helped me be more careful when looking at diamonds, and I'll be going here to get the ring I proposed with appraised as well! He's friendly & quick!


Linda F. - 3/25/22 Yelp!

John is tactful, kind, and loves jewelry, even when he isn't able to appraise it at a high price. I can't recommend him highly enough.

12/20/22 Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

John went above and beyond Great information and service! 


12/1/22 Square Payment System Comment:

Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness

My experience with my jewelry appraisal was nothing short of amazing. An astute assessment, competent explanations and exceptional customer service all-around. I will recommend them to anyone I come across in need of services like theirs. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. 


10/26/22 Square Payment System Comment:

Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

Had a great experience with John! A true professional. 


10/7/22 Square Payment System Comment:

Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness

Nice professional experience Thank you ! 


8/27/22 Square Payment System Comment:

Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness

Wonderfully professional and informative 


7/21/22 Square Payment System Comment:

Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness

Knowledgeable, friendly, great at explaining the details in easily understandable "lay language", very happy to have found John! 


5/21/22 Square Payment System Comment:

Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness

Excellent experience all around :). Thank you!


Jim B.   - 09/14/2020 from Square

Customer Service, Quality

Great experience, thank you. Will definitely be back.


USTINA I.  - 5.0 star rating  8/5/2020

John was amazing to work with.

He was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

The process was quick and easy. He does the appraisal right in front of you. At the end he gives you a physical and digital copy of the appraisal.

Highly recommend John!


COURT T.  2/17/2020 Oregon City, OR

We found John on Yelp, and I was immediately pleased with how easy it was to make an appointment online, and for that same week! Loved that there is such easy & convenient parking, and John was a delight to deal with. He is very knowledgeable, I have a wedding set from the early 1900's that I was so excited to learn more about. The process was easy and quick, which was wonderful since we had our two small children in tow. Having a paper copy of the appraisal as well as a PDF is awesome and makes things so easy when it comes to insurance. Highly recommend John and his services!


KARA K. 1/19/2019 Sherwood OR

We came to have my engagement ring appraised for insurance purposes. John was extremely professional and kind, and performed the appraisal very thoroughly. We were thrilled to have gotten some questions answered and to have more information about the ring. Very reasonably priced for the wonderful service.


Asenath K.  12/9/18 Portland OR

I came to John to get my engagement ring appraised for insurance purposes. I chose Jewelry Appraisers of Portland because they were the only business I found that completes the appraisal in front of you, had the option to book online (very convenient!), at a fair price.

John was incredibly kind, professional, experienced, welcoming, friendly, and very knowledgeable. He educated me on my piece of jewelry along the way and completed the appraisal in a short amount of time, with all the paperwork required to get my piece insured. I will definitely be coming back for my future appraisal needs!

Thanks so much John!


Cari Z.  12/28/18  PORTLAND OR

Great experience with John!!! He appraised 2 pieces of jewelry for us while we waited and in front of us!! We were given a report on each ring so we can submit it to our insurance. He was very personable and knowledgeable. GREAT work!!! We'll for sure go back and recommend this company to all of our friends!!!


Beverly R. 9/20/2018 PORTLAND (via Square)

Plusses: Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness

Appreciated the explanations of everything. I will be back and will be telling my friends!! Thank you!!!

Scott P. 6/23/2018 PORTLAND (via Square)

Amazing experience, would definitely recommend! Detailed, friendly, and very informative. Thank you!

Alexandra F 5/20/2108 PORTLAND

John was fantastic to work with! I wanted to learn about a variety of pieces. He was friendly, he worked quickly, and he was clearly very knowledgeable. Overall, it was a great experience. I would highly recommend him.

Ann F 1/24/2018 PORTLAND

This was the first time I have had any of my jewelry appraised. I learned a lot and was very impressed with the information I received. I

have other jewelry that I need to have appraised. I will return and highly recommend this company

Brian G 08/04/2017 PORTLAND

Even when I just dropped in without an appointment John was very gracious and patient with me, I tend to ask a lot of questions!

Thanks for your help.

Andrew B 07/16/17 PORTLAND

Very knowledgeable, friendly, interactive, and explained things in a way that I understood. I would definitely return!

Linda G 5/23/17 PORTLAND

Very helpful on all accounts. John did a thorough job and Was very personable and professional

Trista A 4/25/2016 PORTLAND

I'm going to have a ring redesigned and wanted to make sure that the diamond that returns is the diamond I sent (family ring). Besides, I had misplaced the original appraisal (from the '70's or '80's) long ago. Looked on yelp and John at the Jewelry Appraisers of Portland had a location close to me and had great reviews. I submitted a question online before setting my appt, he answered within a few hours and I then went online and made an appointment. Very easy appointment-setting process.

Went in yesterday and it was a great experience. The location I visited was by Washington Square Mall and parking was easy (lots of parking so even if it wasn't a Sunday, wouldn't have been a problem). The appraisal was done while I was there and John identified and explained the "markers" of the stone and had me take a look as well. These were noted in the appraisal so I can look for the same "markers" when I receive the redesigned ring. I felt as though he did a great job explaining ring and how the value was determined - for the stones as well as the metal. I brought in a few pieces of jewelry but had just one for full appraisal - a few items I'd been suspicious of their authenticity and he confirmed my suspicions.

On top of that, there were a few items that were not appraised but are authentic. I had been planning on removing the stones and re-setting them in other pieces. His suggestion was that, if the stones didn't have sentimental value to me, to try to sell the pieces on consignment rather than pay someone to remove the stones/then re-set, as I would get more value. I hadn't considered that option but it makes complete sense.

I'll definitely be back after I receive the newly-designed ring to get a new appraisal.

Katherine S 04/09/2017 PORTLAND

100% pleased with the customer service, professionalism, and genuine kindness from John. Very happy with the paperwork for an insurance appraisal

and loved the history lesson of the gem industry. Already recommended to both of my parents.

Mary W. 2/27/2016 PORTLAND

John is skilled, efficient, personable and well accredited. We have utilized his services on multiple occasions. You get to sit with him in his office/lab as he makes assessments and appraisals. During our visits we learned a great deal about each piece he reviewed. The appraisal is very thorough with detailed reports on each piece including specific weights and sizes of components, clear pictures and current values. He also cleans your jewelry while he's working. This was time very well spent and a great, great value. I highly recommend his services.

Denise F. 01/04/2107 PORTLAND

Great experience! John is friendly, knowledgeable. Lets me stay in his office as he evaluate my rings. I would recommend him to anyone who is

looking to have their precious jewels appraised.

Kevin K. 4/21/2015

I recently visited John's office for an appraisal, it was an excellent experience. This is *the* place to go for an appraisal in Portland.

John is not only friendly, but incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his work. There simply is no reason to go anywhere else.

Michael P. 3/7/2015

Another outstanding job by John at Jewelry Appraisals of Portland. My family went in to his office on two difference occasions to get our rings appraised by this GIA GG expert. We were impressed with his knowledge and ability to put together insurance quality appraisals. Would recommend to anyone.

Ryan E. 1/6/2015

I couldn't be more impressed with the quality of service, helpful advice and useful information I received from John at Jewelry Appraisers of Portland. I went in to have some jewelry appraised and was looking for a honest opinion on what to do with it. He not only did an outstanding job at the appraisal but also took the time to explain to me all my options. I went in looking for just a jewelry appraisal but received a lesson in diamond quality, cut, price, and more. I left John's office with a sound understanding of the pieces I had and what to look for in the future. I cannot put a price on quality service but John's help was worth its weight in gold. (Pun intended)

I highly recommend going to see John if you are looking for an engaging (pun not intended) and informative appraisal. His pricing is more than fair and the education you will receive is invaluable.

Richard G. 7/16/2014

John was courteous, competent and efficient... an utmost professional that allowed our mission of having an insurance appraisal on a jewelry collection both pleasant and even educational.  

In researching certified jewelry appraisers in the metro Portland area, John's name and reputation consistently topped most lists for his credentials and certifications. I wish to add to those bonafides that John is very personable and engaging.

All evaluations were conducted in our presence and John readily answered our questions thoughtfully and completely. When we left his office, we had original and copies of the insurance appraisal and when we arrived at our home, we discovered that John had emailed all of the high-res images of the jewelry... an added customer-centric bonus.

We highly recommend John and will be back with additional pieces and collections now that we have access to a professional that has earned our trust.

Lance H. 5/7/2014

I couldn't agree more with Nomad T's review. John appraised an engagement ring for me and my fiance, Kristi, and we had a wonderful experience. His knowledge, professionalism and experience doing appraisals is obvious within seconds of stepping into his office. He is a pleasure to talk with and I have told countless people already about the great experience we had. Thanks again John!

Rye E. 3/26/2014

I had some items appraised by John, and I was very pleased with the experience. He explained the pieces to me, allowed me to see the items through his microscope, and he was very personable and engaging. At the end of the appraisal he presented me with a very nice report with information, and copies of the appraisal sheets for each item that I can give to my insurance company.

Norman T. 2/20/2014


Sorry, but it's true. The location is convenient, the parking is free. He answered all my silly questions about insurance and appraisals, and his charge was less than other places ($95 for two rings). He was a delight to visit with and it was a pleasant half hour of my day. Walked out with everything I needed to get my rings insured.

I don't throw around 5 star reviews on Yelp, let me tell you. I just gave someone an A++ and still only gave them 4 stars. When Yelp paraphrases, "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" I figure it means it, so that's the only time I pick 5 stars. John is as good as it gets.

Erin M. 11/17/2013

John appraised my engagement ring and band when my insurance required an independent appraisal after we upgraded the setting my husband originally proposed with. He was a pleasure to work with because he was pleasant and professional as well as passionate about his work. John answered every question I had, appraised my jewelry in a little over a half an hour while I was in the room, and prepared a document for my insurance company with a duplicate copy for my own records. I'd recommend him to anyone who requires an appraisal. His fee is $95, which feels fair for the work he does.

Robert M. 10/24/2013

I took in 6 rings that my dad had left me from years ago. I had no idea of their value. I thought at least a couple of them might have some value as my dad liked to wear jewelry and I had a ring of his appraised for over $5000, but it was not one of the ones in this bunch. Alas, all the rings had synthetic stones, and were only worth the gold content of the rings themselves. John took a picture of the 6 rings, gave me an estimate of the value of each ring's gold content, and charged me only for 15 minutes of his time. Amazing! If I had gone anywhere else I would have been out over $100 easy. I'm going to take Dad's ring in to get it re-appraised, as it's been 20 years, and I trust John now to do a great job at a good price.

Lisa S. 10/13/2013

John at Jewelry Appraisers was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. I haven't had a lot of experience with have jewelry appraised, but here is what I liked about John and I would recommend:

1) I didn't have to leave my jewelry. He does the work while you wait. One place I researched said I would have to leave my jewelry for up to 3 weeks!!

2) The pricing was fair. Other places I contacted charged by the piece ($115 for the 1st, $100 for the 2nd, etc...). John charges by the time spent in half hour intervals. He was able to complete the appraisal AND the paperwork, complete with pictures, for a watch and my wedding set in about 40 minutes for about the same cost as only 1 piece at the other place. 

3) I left with all paperwork in hand. Another place I researched was able to do the appraisal while I waited, but it was almost twice the cost and it would have taken 2-3 weeks to receive final paperwork.

I would use Appraisal Associates again and would recommend to a friend.

Sabrina A. 10/19/2012

John appraised some jewelry for me, and I highly recommend him. It took less than half an hour, he cleaned the jewelry for me, and sent me an electronic copy of the appraisal in addition to the hard copy. 5 stars!

Jeff S. 9/28/2012

Went to John to get an engagement ring appraised. I had no prior experience with this process but I was very pleased with this experience. He looked at the ring in front of me in the office, as opposed to a jewelry store taking it to the back room which would make me a bit nervous. He also explained what he saw and let me look at it through the microscope so I could see the details. Very professional and very reasonable pricing. Would definitely recommend and I will go back for future appraisals.

Gina R. 10/28/2010

John at Jewelry Appraisers of Portland was fantastic - his thorough appraisal and explanation of the items, documents, etc., far exceeded my expectations. In fact, he gave me extra photos helpful for identifying my own jewelry in the future. I would recommend fully, Jewelry Appraisers of Portland!

Randy J. 3/4/2009

I needed to insure a solid gold watch and a platinum and diamond ring that I had inherited. The insurance company required an independent appraisal, not one from a jewelry store, I heard about John at the Jewelry Appraisers of Portland, and went to him. This guy is great! He really knows what he is doing and has very impressive credentials.

He did the appraisal right in front of me so I never had the watch or ring out of my sight. I left with the full appraisal including photographs (one even taken through a microscope for the diamond) and paid less than I was quoted on the phone.

If you have jewelry to appraise don't waste your time with a jewelry store sales person, just go to Jewelry Appraisers of Portland.

Thanks John!

 * Truth in advertising: The above reviews are from my actual Yelp! page, you can go and look:, Some are received via Square (my payment system).

The location has been edited (since I'm not in Denver anymore and no longer have a "redonkulous" view of the Denver skyline) but the reviews are about ME - the person you will be meeting with

New Location - Same old me .... oy, and getting older... additionally, at almost 60, I got married and have taken my spouse's last name ... I'm now a Higley ... though I slip a lot and still say Fuller ... It's going to take a while.

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