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Standard Appraisals for Insurance, Estate, Separation of Assets  

Complete inspection, cleaning, and detailed description and analysis, all in writing, while you wait and watch.

Everything that your insurance company will need to properly insure you, or that a potential buyer

would want to know to make a sale more likely. Also for estate taxes, separation of assets, etc.

Paper copies and digital copy.

$125.00 first item

$115.00 each add’l item.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band special - Matching engagement ring and wedding band set (2 items)

$200.00 for the set

Consultation Only (no value conclusions or discussions of specific values) 

This is useful is you have purchased a diamond that is accompanied by a Lab Report or

certification that you trust. We can verify the stone you received matches the stone

described in that report. We will not determine if the value you paid is appropriate,

that is the definition of an appraisal.

$125.00 per half hour

Triage - going through grandma's jewelry box

Many times when people leave you the box of jewelry, some things are real, many things are not,

but knowing the difference can be overwhelming. We can go through the box in fairly short order

and separate the items into groups of "costume, no value", "Real, but little value", "Salvage or melt value",

"real and we ought to look at this more closely". We do not assign a specific value to a specific

item, as that is the definition of an appraisal and we have to complete a process to do that.

$ 200.00 per HOUR

(half hour minimum)

Other - Digital Photography, Gem Identification, Plotting/Mapping (outside of an appraisal)

Sometimes you need better photos to list an item on-line for sale, or just to have better photos

or you have a stone and need to know what it is, but don't need to have value information. Sometimes

you have an appraisal you are happy with, but the insurance company needs a plot diagram or

"mapping" of the gemstone. We can do this and more, again, without a value conclusion.

$125.00 per HALF hour

Bottom line, our minimum fee for an appointment is $125.00.

An appraisal results in a value conclusion or a value on a specific item. This requires detailed research

and our expertise in determining an appropriate value.

Value is different depending on different circumstances.

The insurance company wants to know how much a new thing is going to cost,

if purchased new in a retail store that normally carries like items. This is for when you loose the item you have.

We'll be glad and help you determine what is most appropriate for your circumstances.

The Federal Government or a Court wants to know how much your thing is worth if you had to get cash for it -

and then it depends on time frame and market conditions. All of this requires specific research that can be duplicated and defended.

We can help you figure out what kind of document you need and provide you with the most useful appraisal for your situation.

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We're glad to accept most major credit cards, Local checks and cash.

Payment is due upon completion of your appraisal.


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